Open Access

Open Access

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Why Open Access

Most publishers own the rights to articles in their journals, not the authors. Anyone who wants to read the articles pays a fee to access them. Institutions and libraries help provide access to paid research through costly negotiations. Even so, no part of the article may be reused by researchers, students, or taxpayers without the publisher's permission, often at additional cost.

Open Access brings us back to the values of science: to help advance and improve society.

By providing immediate and unrestricted access to the latest research, we can accelerate discovery and create a more equitable and inclusive knowledge system.

why open access is importance

Benefits of Open Access

Increase in citations and usage

Studies have shown that open access articles are viewed and cited more often than articles behind a paywall.

Greater audience engagement

Content is available to those who cannot access subscription content.

Increased interdisciplinary conversation

Open access journals that cut across disciplines help researchers connect more easily and provide greater visibility for their research.

Wider collaboration

Open access publications and data enable researchers to conduct collaborative research on a global scale.

Faster impact

With permissive licenses like CC BY, researchers are empowered to quickly build on existing research.

Compliance with open access mandates

Open access journals and books comply with major international funding policies.